Korean Language Course


All exchange/visiting students can take free Korean language courses at the ERICA Institute of International Education (IIE) during the study period at Hanyang. Two types of Korean language courses are offered: Intensive Korean and Survival Korean. Please refer to the table below.

  Survival Korean Intensive Korean
Max. No.
of Session
students can take
1 semester 1 session (Fall/Spring) 1 session (Fall/Spring)
2 semesters 2 sessions (Fall & Spring) 3 sessions (Fall & Spring + Winter)
Level Basic only From Basic to Advanced
Course Overview Click here Click here
Credit 3 Credits 13 Credits
Time Tue & Thu
17:00 – 19:00
Mon & Fri
09:00 – 13:00 or 14:00 - 18:00 upon level
Application To be Announced
Fee Free for exchange/visiting students at the Hanyang University ERICA Campus
Grades & Transcript As Korean language courses are offered by an auxiliary organization within Hanyang University, grades are only available as a physical transcript and not available through the HY-in portal. Transcripts of Korean courses will be sent to your home university or to you with the transcript of regular courses.
Note [Survival Korean Applicants]
1. This course can be canceled if there are not enough applicants.
2. Students should take at least 2 more courses among the regular courses at Hanyang.

[Intensive Korean Applicants]
1. Students will be assigned to a class after the level test. The assigned level cannot be changed.
2. Students taking the same level twice can only get the first semester’s credits transferred.
3. Students are advised to take only 1 regular course (either 2 or 3 credits) at Hanyang since the Intensive Korean program is demanding.